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"I am ecstatic and supremely proud to announce that a poem I have written has been selected for publication in the Winter 2023 edition of BRAVE magazine. This is my first piece of published work and to have been selected is a huge honour.

It is no secret to those who know me that I am dismayed at the current state of our society, specifically about the way in which traditional values and morals have been disregarded and invalidated. These values relate to chivalry, common courtesy and respect (towards others and oneself) and it is my opinion that the erosion of these values is what has led to the high-conflict climate of our society.

This poem was written during a university lecture about the advancement in technology and the many wonderful ways human beings have benefitted from technology... the lecturer went a step further by claiming that 'social media' was the "single greatest invention in the creation of the world-wide community and online market." I have never rolled my eyes so many times in one sitting and this was the inspiration for this poem.

I can only hope that my poetry continues to resonate with others." 

Meg x


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With several years of experience working in the media industry, including print and radio broadcasting, and multiple university qualifications to back her, Meg understands the importance of a well-written feature piece and the significance of a confident speaking style to captivate readers and listeners. Whether you have a news story for her, a resume that needs polishing or wish to engage her freelance journalistic talents, Meg may be the woman for you.

*Local to Dubbo, NSW.

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If you're an entrepreneur or have a business you'd love to spread the word about, get in touch with Meg. Collaborations are a great way to get your name and business into the public sphere through on-air radio coverage.

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Local News

Are you organising a not-for-profit event? Have you heard a local news story significant to the Central West and of public interest? Get in touch with Meg to arrange an interview... you could even feature in a local news bulletin!

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Professional Writing

Perhaps you'd like words put to the story of your business and success? Maybe you'd like assistance to make your resume shine? With qualifications in journalism and professional writing, Meg can use words to bring your story to life!

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