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Meg promised to announce an exciting collaboration and here it is!

'A Lasting Tale' provides you with the opportunity to immortalise the life story of your loved one... to have your loved one interviewed by one of the companies amazing journalists, and then have that story as an audio file for you to keep, forever!

They say when someone dies, one of the first things you forget about them is the sound of their voice. The journalists from 'A Lasting Tale' are skilled in diving deep, asking the questions that have never before been asked, and bringing a life story... to life!

Meg has officially been contracted as a freelance journalist for Dubbo and the Central West to do exactly this. 

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A word from Meg...

"I am so incredibly excited to have been approached by Dimity and presented with this amazing opportunity. As someone who has worked in radio for around 6 years, I take a great deal of satisfaction in the interview process, in asking the questions to unveil the most incredible story. And for the first time, I will be applying my journalistic skills to interview real people, about their lives... their stories. 

We each have a story to tell, but I have always enjoyed learning about lives far greater than my own. The wisdom and lessons gleaned from listening to people, particularly generations older than myself are boundless and the conditions of human nature that have shaped and moulded each individual into the incredible being they are today sparks my curiosity and fills my spirit.

Contact 'A Lasting Tale' today to find out more about this incredible organisation."

Meg xx

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