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"Well Hello There... Love"

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Do you feel as though you just have the absolute worst luck when it comes to relationships? Are you desperate to finally find that special someone but not sure how to find them? Do you feel like love just isn’t for you?

This is Love-Luck and we are joined by our reporters who have spoken to very different couples who each met their significant other in the unlikeliest of ways. They too believed they were dumb out of luck, but then struck gold, and are here to tell you about their success and how you can make your own luck.

DUR: 26:29

Love Luck

4 couples, 4 stories, 1 theme

Another University project, brought to life by the undeniable talent of 3 undergraduate journalists. This task required us to work collaboratively and create a podcast about any topic that tickled our fancy.  At the time, we were struggling through our final semester of university during COVID lockdown and inspiration was not on our side... until we had the idea of finding a way of giving back a little kindness, a little happiness and joy to a world that was saturated with hate, anxiety and uncertainty. 

Thus, "Love Luck" was born. Our commentary on how Love can be found, even in the most unlikely of circumstances. Love is something this world needs a little more of, and we tasked ourselves with finding couples who found each other in times of doubt and uncertainty and created something magical.

While I cannot speak for the other lovely ladies who provided their talents to this project and sourced some truly inspiring couples, I am immensely proud of what we produced. And a special shoutout goes to my two best friends, Dimi and Oli, whose story you will hear towards the end of this podcast.

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