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An Advocate's Manifesto

Their actions can cripple you, they can leave you feeling hurt;

They use their tactics to land your self-esteem in the dirt.

They have many methods, they have allies and friends;

To support them in oppression and help achieve their ends.

Belittling others is their joy, compassion is an offence;

"But it was just a joke" they say, that's the bully's defence.

And in this techy era, a bully becomes a troll;

Fake accounts and comments are their methods of control.

The cliques in the playground, to them it seems such fun;

To laugh at you, to humiliate you, careless of damage done.

Their game is pretty simple, your image they denigrate;

Your self-worth they destroy, their aim? To isolate.

Dare you stand up to them, your hell they will create;

Physical aggression has nothing on their hate.

They'll throw around their insults, passive aggression they'll inflict;

But listen to the words they say, you'll find they contradict.

They claim you are so low, they sprout their rhetoric and abuse;

They call you names and every action has its lame excuse.

But look deeper to their core, and I think you might just find;

Their words reflect their misery, their own self-hating mind.

Bullying others has always been a universal theme;

But they are unaware the power is not where it may seem.

You are chosen for a reason, for your bright, shining light;

Which threatens the bully living in a perpetual night.

So rise above their hate, throw their way a smile;

Laugh at them and pity their heart, black and full of vile.

You are joy, you are happiness, these things they try to kill;

Because they know to look at you, is to look uphill.

So lift your head, breathe deep, and know that it wont last;

Karma will ensure they never escape their wicked past.

And all that makes you interesting, those things they couldn't see;

They will be your prized possessions, they will set you free.

Written by Megan Adler.


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