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Demons of Humanity

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

They walk and talk like anyone else, though you can’t help but stare; They breathe the same air as we, but you had better beware. They hide behind a mask of pleasantries, though you know something’s wrong;

The insecurity, the attention-seeking, They can’t hide that mask for long.

They are all around you, though you may never know; On social media particularly, Their game is always low. They are family, They are colleagues, to Their will you must bend; And heaven help the lovers, or when They pose as friend.

Though at first you think Them kind and loyal, though They promise you the world; Though you bask in Their charisma, though without Them you feel cold. There’s an edge to Their kindness, a depth of darkness within; Something you can’t understand, something marred by sin.

You begin to sense the unease, the constant need for admiration; The lack of self-awareness, the crippling desperation. Before long, the mask has slipped, and by then it is too late; You’re simply in too deep, with no chance of escape.

When in the public’s eye, They project a sense of confidence; Yet behind closed doors, you’re amazed at their incompetence. They cripple under criticism, They take offence to every slight; Particularly those imagined, then you must bow before Their might.

They simper in rage and jealousy, They take what they can get; Be it money, sex or status, and They’ll groom you as their pet. They’ll break you down slowly, They’ll take but never give; They’ll inject their flow of poison, until you’ve lost the will to live.

And when they’re done, They’ll leave you feeling empty and lost; Ignoring those warning signs? You finally know the cost. And what’s more, They’re the victim and you’re the one to blame; They were the abused in every way! They really know no shame.

Oh, but Their superiority! With them everyone is obsessed; They truly are ‘god’s gift’, they truly are so ‘blessed’. But we know better than that, that blessed image is false; What lies beneath is ugly, something without a pulse.

They think and feel separate to you, Their reality is marred; And filled with false visions of grandiose, Their heart is nothing but hard. If a heart there even exists, beneath the perfected mask; Be sure it’s rotten to the core, stained with the wrongs of Their past.

What you see is not what you get, They know nothing of loyalty or love; They will never know the place that we were promised from above. They know only destruction, damage, hurt and pain; But their lives are equally tortured, and Their methods are in vain.

You see, They try so hard to bring you down as low; They toil in hatred and agony, to conquer their imagined foe.

But the strength you have within you, that which They tried to destroy? It will stand you in good stead and steal away their joy.

They take pleasure from abusing others, harassment is Their game; But refuse to be played, and ‘Loser’ is Their name. They cannot bear to be ignored, They need to be chased; So withhold the attention They want but laugh in Their face.

Laugh, because you’re better off, you’re on the road of grace; So take off my darling, run fast, to arrive at that sweet place. You’ve suffered enough, you’ve so much to give, your life is yours to own; And Theirs is literal hell on earth, cutting them to the bone.

Look back if you must, at the child in the dirt; Underneath a cloud of Their own misery and wailing in Their hurt. Little children They are, oh what a sight! Long gone is the charmer; And in Its place a tortured soul, that is Their karma.

You know of whom I speak, They are leeches of despair; They skulk and lurk in every corner, changing the very air. If you’re lucky you won’t know, you’ll live your life in bliss; Though if not, take strength, you can defeat the Narcissist.

Written by Megan Adler.

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