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Dream a Little Dream of Dragons

Article featuring 'Dreaming Dragon Slumber Parties' - Serena Rice


What do you dream about? When your head hits the pillow, and sleep no longer eludes you, what reality comes alive? Perhaps your dreams mimic your waking reality – bills, friendships, work, that stranger who smiled at you at the supermarket? Or perhaps they really are a canvas for wild adventures and a world you can only wish you were a part of.

What about our children’s dreams? Can we imagine what world awaits them? It is perhaps not so different from the real world they play make-believe in. Perhaps their dreams really do mimic their day-to-day lives – flying high above make-believe lands, fulfilling their racing car dreams, riding horses through meadows…

Children can dream the most fantastical worlds and scenarios… you can too. And it all starts with Dreaming Dragon Slumber Parties.

At the helm is Serena Rice, a country girl from a small farm north of Moree. It was clear a small-town life could not keep Serena down and her desire to travel and experience other cultures was simply too much to be contained. After finishing high school, it was Finland’s call that was answered first, with an entire year spent as an exchange student that provided Serena with an appreciation for other cultures and alternative perspectives of the world.

Serena Rice setting up a jungle landscape
“I am a big advocate for immersing yourself in other cultures. I believe it creates an appreciation, understanding and respect for different points of view and ways of life.”

Perhaps it was the experiences gleaned from travels to lands far away that would inspire the creative process behind her future business. After all, there aren’t too many Dragons in Moree…

Children can enjoy a grazing table filled with sweets and treats!

After spending a year in Finland, and after attaining her bachelor of primary and middle schooling, Serena was off again, this time to Mother England where she met and fell in love with her future husband. A life of travelling is exciting and fresh adventures do create a spark that is hard to replicate. Hard, but not impossible, especially when compared to the joy and fulfilment of raising a family. And that’s exactly what Serena’s next step was when she moved back to Australia and built on solid foundations in Dubbo, the hometown of her mother.

“Dubbo wasn’t too big or too small, it had most amenities and a great community vibe.”

The Rice family rugged up on a cold day

A marriage and two children later, Serena’s passion for travel once again began to stir and her desire for a fresh start had her mind wandering to another far-off land where fantastical opportunities in business and life lay waiting.

“So, we packed up our whole life in Dubbo and moved to the opposite side of the world.”

Sweden. Gorgeous green spaces. A hotel made of ice. A rich history grounded in Viking lore. Is it any wonder the creator of Dreaming Dragon Slumber Parties chose the magical Scandinavian Peninsula as her home? But it would not last. 6 months later the Covid Pandemic hit, forcing the young family to return to Dubbo just 1 year after initially leaving. But her time in Sweden was not wasted, and there is little room for regret in Serena’s life, particularly as the fortuitous turn of events led to the creation of something truly magical.

With Serena in control, drifting off to sleep has never been easier... or looked so good!
“Creating special experiences and memories together as a family is important to me. Which is what led me to create my business.”

Serena had no previous experience in the business world, she is a mother of two and she understands the trials and tribulations of error and success. What Serena had in spades, was imagination, ideas and the blessing and encouragement of a fellow mum and friend which was just the push she needed.

“To be able to assist parents and the young at heart to create these special experiences, to enjoy and cherish these moments, because we all know how fast the years go by, is the reason and inspiration for my business.”

Swim with the fish in ultimate style and comfort!

Dreaming Dragon Slumber Parties has been described as the perfect way to immerse yourself in magic. Dreams are, after all, where the magic comes alive, so why not set yourself up for dreaming success with pampering, themed bed décor and an immersive world for all to enjoy. Watch the faces of your little ones glow as they lay under tipi’s draped in greenery and vines, accompanied by laughing monkeys and jungle cats who just want to be part of the fun. Smile as they dance under the waves of the ocean, where little girls can sip tea in King Triton’s palace under the sea. Swirling ripples of water dance overhead, your children surrounded by hues of purple and blue in the dark to carry them off to dreamland with the mermaids. And we can’t forget about you, bride-to-be! You can sit back, pampered with luxurious facemasks and facials, sipping wine and feeling oh-so-fine, as your doting hens cluck about your beauty and handsome beau. Age is just a number, and slumber parties and hens’ nights have no age limits!

Joy can be created!
“For the young and young at heart.”

Dreams are limitless, and one is only limited by their imagination. If your imagination needs a little spark, Serena Rice will lend you hers. With inspiration from other cultures and a passion for flair and design, allow your dreamscapes to be finely tuned and perfected by Serena and Dreaming Dragon Slumber Parties. Magic, limitless possibilities and dragons await you…because who ever said dragons aren’t real?

Written by Megan Adler. BA/BCMS (DS), MTeach (Sec)

*This article compliments a live-to-air interview on DCFM 88.9.


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