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Pain of Anguish

The things I think, the things I feel, words cannot express;

The pain that you inflict on me, believe me, I'm a mess.

I may not say it out loud, and it may not be that clear;

But know that deep down inside of me, I struggle something dear.

To have felt a perfect joyfulness, happiness shining through;

To feel your arms around me, there was nothing we couldn't do.

We couldve had a life together, happiness beyond measure;

To know that you loved me, that was my greatest treasure.

But I wasn't enough for you, love seemingly had gone;

Or perhaps love was never there at all, and now I'm left forlorn.

I thought that I was your everything, just like you were mine;

But another caught your gaze and you left me and love behind.

I hope she makes you feel things that I could never make you feel;

I hope she holds you tighter than I did, I hope she's the real deal.

Does she make you happier? Does she bring you joy?;

Does her embrace touch something deeper in you, nurturing that little boy?

Believe me when I say it, I really hope she's the one;

But knowing the boy you are and the damage that's been done,

She can only hope to be the next, one girl in a line of many;

Who dream of breaking through the mist of your toxic haze, if any.

You see, love will never be enough for you, it'll always be a near miss;

And the girls who felt so much for you won't offer another kiss.

They'll move on and find their dream, in a man who treats them right;

And you my love will never see the light in that dark night.

The pain you inflict on others, it's not a personal thing;

It reflects the misery inside of you, the boy who'll never sing.

But me however, well here's the thing, I may be broken now;

But truer love will find me again, and I'll take my final bow.

To you I may have been just another girl, or perhaps I was something special;

But you discarded me, you left me, and for that I am so grateful.

Because while you worship at her altar, and convince yourself I never mattered;

I'll be picking up the pieces of my self esteem you shattered.

One by one the pieces will fit, and I will see myself so clear;

I will look into that mirror and see the one I truly hold dear.

Maybe then you'll want me back, when your latest flame has left;

And when that happens I'll smile to myself and I'll leave you bereft.

Because that girl in the mirror? The one who's smiling back?;

There's a wisdom in her eyes and a love she'll never lack.

She will be my everything, in happiness she will dine;

Because in the end, the only love she'll truly have is mine.

Written by Megan Adler.

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